“Go On”

How are you? Are you good? Happy? Or still on the spot where no one can help you out? Still in the verge of pulling all the depressing thoughts that can kill your happiness? I hope you’re okay. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, everything is on their way to their own perfect places where they truly belong. Stop thinking of the horrible events that happened in the past, those are done, and we learnt from that, right?

This time, think about the things, places, and people that can make and brings happiness in you. Think about of improving yourself into the best version of you, don’t stuck yourself in your tiny comfort zone that is not comfortable anymore, live life! Enjoy it when you still have it, stop thinking bad about yourself and to everyone around. Just live your life and be happy, be free from your misery…

Because, happiness is a choice and also living life. I know that that depression and anxiety are a tough enemies but we can fight them right? We can beat them and we can do it! We’re on our way to win this battle right? With the help of those people who give us the massive support and love, with the help of God and our faith, we can win. We will win…

Maybe, there’s a time that we feel so down and hopeless but c’mon! We’re not like that every time, even though there’s this silent killers inside our mind, we can still smile and laugh. So, why we can’t beat this? Let’s just think positive, be positive! You have that and there’s a reason behind, you have to feel and suffer that because you can get through that, right?

We suffer from sleepless nights, random panic attacks, and intense sadness, because someone knows that we can pass that heavy feelings. Someone knows that we’re strong enough to handle those kind of challenges that’s why, let’s keep that thought. We’re strong…

Continue your life and you’ll find the happiness that you’ve been wanting since day one, keep the strength and be brave. This year, promise yourself that whatever happens you’ll fight, for you and for those who keeps on loving and supporting you. Even life is like this, still, it is worth living…

So here I am, hoping for the better days to come…

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